Wooden Wine Boxes

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         Wooden wine boxes are one the exclusive choose for wine packaging.Wooden wine crates and boxes orgaize your wines inside the wooden boxes.We manufacture wooden wine boxes for single bottle to 12 bottles.


       As plus packaging, We produce and customize wine crates because wine bottles are delicate  which can be effected from vibtration and damages among the transportation process.Wine storage crates and Wooden wine packaging  products make the easiest way to handling process for wines. Our wood materials are birch,poplar,oak,spruce plywod for bottom and lid  of the wooden wine boxes.The side of the wine boxes, we prefer pine,poplar and spruce tree  for perfect market appereances.


         Our design team places your logos on wine crates and boxes.We have four type of wine logo printing options. We laser your logo the box or we can engrave your wine logo to wine sliding lid box or flip boxes. Our other options are silk(screen) printing and hot stamping. For single wooden wine box,we can place top of the wooden boxes rope handle for better carriage conditions.

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