• The Cliplock Box is a reusable Wooden Packing boxes. Clip-Lok transport box is able to store flat for its return journey but be very simple to put together. The patented metal clips allow the boxes to be erected in minutes yet are so well engineered Clip-Lok  can be reused hundreds of times.Industrial box that can be disassembled and assembled easily.  Clip crates panels are locked in place by flexible brackets. You can order them almost in any size you want. You can assemble and fix a machine on the bottom part of the box (pallet) , then assemble the sides and it is ready for transportation.

    Wooden Clip lok box Features :
    .Delivered and stored flat
    .Solid: Highly resistant to falls and stacking
    .Can be made to measure starting at 5 units
    .Complies with the ISPM 15 standard
    .Suitable for all types of transport (air-land-sea)

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