•    Shipping crates are one of the heavy-duty wooden box that helps you to store and carry your products in secure way one place to another. Wood Shipping crates keep your goods away from damages, vibration, shock, and shifting during the transportation process. It is the  best storage box to fill heavy items inside.


    As Plus Packing, we customize shipping boxes internally and externally, According products that will carry inside the box. Our internal materials are high density foam padding which provide durability and as externally protection We Calvanized every corner of boxes. Our Shipping crate use as freight boxes for import and export packaging purposes. Shipping crates are  pallatesized to provide better condition for handling and loading process.


    Shipping crate boxes last long and reusable large wooden boxes. Our wooden packaging crates comes with options, Removable front panel for easy loading and Steel clips secure panels. On the point of large wooden box, we offer our crates to wide range of sectors such as  industrial  carriage, -import and export ,international shipment

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