• Cigar box is a right choice to store your valuable tabacco. We make cigar boxes from woods. Our wooden cigar boxes provide exclusive look to your cigars. 

    Cigar is a sensitive tabbacco which needs the best storage condititions to last long. As plus packing we create cigar storage boxes that comes with some eqiupments to meet packaging conditions. We place  humidity controllers in empty cigar boxes.

    Our design team make full package cigar boxes with accessories .We attached drawers to boxes to find all cigars need in a box. The wood cigar boxes we made which have diiferent lids options. We usually prefer clear flip or sliding  lids on the  cigar wooden boxes to present your products on the market .

    We are able to personalize cigar boxes based on our customers request. We are haapy to meet all your wooden cigar boxes designs and needs.

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